Metal Prints

A new exciting way to display your images is Metal Prints!   Metal Prints are a high - impact way to display images.

A metal print is created by directly infusing the image into metal using a sublimation process. By using both heat and pressure, the image is permanently bonded to the metal. All Metal Prints have rounded corners to provide a finished look.


Metal Prints are available in your choice of either a High Gloss or Brushed Metal finish. Choose the optional Standard or Float Hanging Kits, and your Metal Print arrives ready to display.

Metal Prints are available in standard rectangular or square sizes, as well as our exclusive Circles! Each option is available in your choice of two finishes. Brushed Metal allows the metal to show through the image so that the brushed texture is visible and white areas of the image show the metal itself. High Gloss prints with vivid color on a bright white finish and has a smooth appearance with no metal texture.

Also available are two optional hanging kits for displaying Metals unframed. The Standard Hanging Kit allows the image to hang approximately 1/8" off the wall. The Float Mount Kit brings the Metal out from the wall approximately 3/4". Both kits include bumpers to protect the wall.

Rectangular and square print sizes from 3x5 to 20x30

Circular print sizes from 8" to 20"


Please note: Due to the nature of this product, minor surface imperfections such as bubbles or bumps may appear. We will make every effort to place the image so that imperfections are as inconspicuous as possible. Remakes are not available due to imperfections in the product.

         Finish Options          Hanging Kits (Optional)
Brushed Metal High Gloss Standard Float Mount Hanging Clips
Circle Prints        
Brushed Metal High Gloss Standard Float Mount  


Metal Print Sizes


3x5 $16.00
5x7 $20.00
8x8 $20.00
8x10 $28.00
10x10 $30.00
11x14 $42.00
12x12 $34.00
16x16 $48.00
16x20 $68.00
20x20 $89.00
20x24 $95.00
24x24 $105.00
24x30 $125.00
Circle Metal Print Sizes


8" $30.00
12: $45.00
16" $65.00
20" $108.00
Hanging Kits Price
Standard Hanging Kit $8.95
3/4" Float Hanging Kit $12.95
Drilled Holes - Top Corners $3.00
Drilled Holes - All Corners $6.00
Hanging Clips (Set of 4) $5.00


Add a Hanging Kit to your Metal Print, and receive your Print finished and ready to hang, with no additional hardware needed.

Minimum Order is $10.00


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